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The Look beauty surgery clinics

Do you need professional advice on how to promote your best features? Do you need consultation in issues pertaining to your self confidence and self-esteem? You will receive personal consulting and will have access to the best procedures the industry can offer. We are experienced professionals in the field of beautification and we are able to try and solve all of your problems, even the too complicated ones – always in strict confidence. We see each patient as an individual.

Long experience, successful results

The notion of plastic surger

Surgery is often necessary for repairing certain injuries e.g. caused be accidents. Surgery may also be needed after drastic changes in somebody’s lifestyle, such as weight loss or even child-birth(s). Breasts can be augmented, shaped to be equal in size, made smaller, but also be lifted. The body can also be shaped through lipotransfer (PRP) or liposuction. The abdominal, waist, hips, arms, thighs and legs can be surgically reshaped and made firmer.

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Aesthetic restructuring in Finland and abroad

Other types of treatment

Pientoimenpiteissä panostamme myös yksilöllisyyteen. Nykyään erilaiset täyteaineet, ihon-elvytys ja nuorennushoitoaineiden kehitys on edistynyt huomattavasti. Tämä mahdollistaa tehokkaammat sekä yksilöllisemmät hoidot eri ihotyypeille. The Look- salongeissamme räätälöimme jokaisen asiakkaan tarpeen ja toiveiden mukaiset hoidot.

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Ravinto ja liikunta


How can you eat and exercise in such a manner that you will be as fit as possible and stay fit? Being fit and having the correct eating habits are a significant source of well-being. Exercise and diet play a key role after you have had a surgical operation, e.g. liposuction. Your body can also be reshaped through exercise and losing weight. If you desire to become firmer, leaner and fitter through exercise and losing weight, you will be in good, professional care with us. Find your way to The Look salon and we will tailor a complete personal training and weight-watching program for you, which includes both diet consulting and diet supplements. Vitamins and minerals are a crucial addition to reaching and remaining at the ideal weight.

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